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Web Site Development Process
After a brief phone consultation, we will visit your place of business (or at a location of your choice) and work with you to develop an online strategy for your business. Call us at (570) 458-5890 or use this form to contact us. There is never any cost or obligation for a consultation.
The Project Scope documents are the formal proposal that describes the site we will build, provides you with an exact cost, outlines our schedule, and contains all terms and conditions. We'll outline each section of the site with particular attention to the interactivity and functionality. This document serves as a roadmap for the development of the site and should make you more confident that we understand your business needs. Once the overall scope of the project is agreed to by both parties, we can proceed to the next phase.
Once we agree to the scope of your project and have an outline developed, we move into creating mock-ups of the site pages. This gives you the general look and feel for how the site will be when completed. From this point forward, you will be able to log in and follow the development of your site on our secure “sandbox” web site. We will work with you to revise the design aspects of the site until you are satisfied with the overall scheme. At this point, you should be collecting the content you wish to publish on the site (artwork, images, product information, etc.).
This is when all of the geek stuff gets done! We are now to the point where we can create the architecture of the site, set up your hosting (and database if necessary), and begin to really flesh out the site. During this time, you should be ready to get the content you've gathered to us for the final phase of development.
We should now have all of the materials we need from you to work on the final build out. This is where we get rid of all that Latin-looking stuff (Lorem Ipsum) and actually add your content to the shell we have built.
Your web site is now ready to be loaded into your hosting account. Once uploaded, we test thoroughly on several different platforms (PC, Mac, Android tablet, iPad, iPhone) for compatability issues. We then test any web apps (forms, eCommerce testing, etc.) to make sure they are functioning properly. An on-site visit is scheduled for any training you may need. When testing is complete, training is done, and you are satisfied with the finished product, your web site is formally launched and manually submitted to the major search engines for indexing.
Congratulations on your new web site!
With most design firms, this is where they say "Thanks, nice working with you.". This is only the beginning of the journey for us. We will be here for all of those little changes, the "oh no, we forgot to add this to the site!", your newly added products or services - all of the things that happen AFTER your web site is launched. We will be here to make all of the necessary changes as your business grows and technology changes.
What Our Clients Say
Dakota Skye

“Mike is absolutely amazing!!!! I really suck at writing stuff like this, but I love him and he is the best!!!! He's always going the extra mile to help me and I can't thank him enough for everything he's done for my business over the years. Customer service is second to none!!!”

Dakota Skye / Sinsational Features
Bruce Ulrich

“I've been with SBS for 7 or 8 years now and they've done everything from my trade show signage to all of my literature and my website. They nail everything they do for me! It's nice to have a line of literature where everything matches and is high quality. It's also nice to pay one yearly fee for my site and know that everything is taken care of. ”

Bruce Ulrich / TimberTall Outfitters
Darla Hess

I really am grateful to have met and worked with Mike when I needed to set up a website. He has created a clear and informative site that is also creative and nice to look at. I have received compliments from my colleagues. He has always been eager to share new ideas and update the site as needed with many good solid suggestions. I appreciate that he continues to educate himself keeping himself informed of the latest technologies and strategies. He cares about his client's ever changing needs. He is someone I would trust to use his talents to give my business the best possible chance to succeed.

Darla Hess / Skillstarmaker